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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy | KTS Inc. - Physical Therapy Severna Park,MD

Physical therapy, or PT, was developed to improve muscle mobility so that patients could resume their lives and live as normally as possible.

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Rehabilitation | KTS Inc. - Physical Therapy Severna Park,MD

Rehabilitation for muscles and soft tissues can restore patients to their former level of health, or close to it. Patients continue working...

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Pain Management

Pain Management | KTS Inc. - Physical Therapy Severna Park,MD

Neck, back and joint pain are manageable with help from KTS Inc.-PT. Massage, ultrasound and heat or ice packs can lessen it considerably.

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Welcome To KTS Inc.-Physical Therapy

Physical therapy resolves many kinds of muscle and tissue damage. The pain that results from an injury or illness may become chronic, but there is relief. Heat therapy and cold therapy are potential treatments, depending on the type of injury sustained.

Ultrasound, hydrotherapy, rest, exercises and TENS Units are also muscle relaxers and pain relievers. Medication and surgery are more drastic repairs, but each patient has their own needs, and certain treatments work better for some than for others.

At KTS Inc.-Physical Therapy, each patient is evaluated and the best plan for his or her needs is established with the team. Reviving muscles that have been underused is part of the treatment at the clinic, easing patients into more activity at the rate that is tolerable for them.

Pain management is often necessary after an injury or after surgery since soft tissue needs to heal and muscles must be unknotted. Muscles in an injured area of the body tend to tense up and stiffen, making movement more painful.

There are alternatives to medication and surgery for pain relief, and a physical therapy center is the most logical place to start. The clinic staff understands the emotional and social disturbances that usually accompany physical pain and lack of mobility.

One day, someone is leading a normal life, and the next day, he or she is in a hospital bed or at home and barely moving. It is a shock, of sorts, and each person must adjust to being in a completely different situation over night. Some pain is long-term, and dealing with that is also depressing.

KTS Inc. knows how to help patients adapt and overcome their physical drawbacks, always conscious of their emotional states and helping them stay positive.

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